Why Petites Maternités ?

Child Birth is a passion ...

What is more stimulating in life than the pleasure to be and do what we love,

to live our dreams, our passions ?


Dreamers are necessary ! !


At 50 years old,

after having brought up our eight children and seen the nose of our first five grandchildren, after an exciting career dedicated to a "children home" Arlequin living place, where 74 children shared our home, our daily live,

after having travelled around the world , we carry on our way ...


A project that comes naturally, obviously, take his place.

A little fresh water stream that is part of our nomadic life and allows us to live our happiness and to be fully ourselves.


Today we are 5 :

  • Nini & Philippe the builder, Morbihan (56)
  • Lise, who now manage the children home and shares her life with seven children, Loire Atlantique (44)
  • Sylvie, who also shares her life with the little ones in the nursery ! Loire Atlantique (44)
  • Brigitte, passionate farmer, source of ideas and good humor, Lot (46)
  • Amandine, Doula aux USA 
  • Charlotte, Project manager au Mexique 

Petites Maternités is ...

A way to share, soft but serious, simple but organized, cheerful and respectful . . .


Seeing child birth is like being presented to God himself !


The world is beautiful, different for each of us.

  • Go and meet people : observe, listen, get to know all our differences. 
  • Share : open ourselves to the other's truth, without trying to change him, freeing us from our own mental patterns. Observe the order of things without assistantship. Share experiences, ideas. 
  • Bring small equipment : dopplers, thermometers, examination gloves ... 
  • Provide birth packages : nappies, bodysuits, blankets, milk bottles, hygiene items, but also "doudous" !  Useful and practical items to turn childbirth into something softer. 
  • Build : build small natural birthing centers in remote villages, ensuring their sustainability in order not to be in an assistantship mission. 
  • Ensure freedom of action :  our mission remains open !