What's up in 2016 ?

The first mission will take place in Indonesia.


Indonesian friends we have known for 12 years will guide us and will guarantee the respect for tradition and allow us not to lose ourselves in a very different culture from ours. Exchange will be even more serious and objective.


Mastering the language enables us to communicate with women in privacy.


And then ... we'll take trip around the world, throw the wind, and meetings.


Les Petites Maternités will move freely, to free themselves of time, thanks to the chance encounters, exchanges and sharing.


In every situation, every person, we'll look at the positive part that reveals the color and life.

Objectives !!

During our last trip to Bali we met Eka midwife in Ubud, with whom we exchanged long.

Two young women, Ekawati and Desi are graduating midwives in June 2016.

They will return this summer to practice in the Maternity of their village, Pupuan, to Garan Gasem.


During our meeting, we were able to list what we could bring to the midwives to help them exercise the art to deliver babies and care for mothers.


Next departure in October 2016 for two months, with :

  • Dopplers 
  • Single gallium thermometers without mercury-based 
  • Sterile nitrile examination gloves (powder free) size 6/7 
  • Undersheets single paper 
  • Fenugreek capsules to promote milk production in mothers. Lack of food decreases the flow of milk.
  • Keyrings of birth including :

            1/   2 pieces of cotton tissu

            2/  1 little cap

            3/  1 little blanket

            4/  2 Bodies ( new or clean and ironed !) 

            5/  1 little doudou

  • A refection of the maternity will be engaged.