Philosophy ...

Why go elsewhere ? Far away ...


The desire to turn this adventure into a bridge between ... the children at home and Les Petites Maternités .

To create a link between my children, my grandchildren, the children we welcome professionally in France for 20 years, all those who will embark and ... Babies, Moms of the world.


Our desire to share all our differences but also our similarities !

We believe sharing is a wealth and we believe in love too !

As a way to share, soft but serious, simple and organized, cheerful and respectful.

  • Go and meet people : observe, listen, get to know all our differences.
  • Share : open ourselves the other's truth, without trying to change him, freeing us from our own mental patterns. Observe the order of things without assistantship. Share experiences, ideas.
  • Bring small equipment : doppler, thermometer, examination gloves ...
  • Provide "birth packages" : nappies, bodysuits, blankets, milk bottles, hygiene items, but also "doudous" ! Simple, useful, practical, in order to turn "child birth", something softer.
  • Build: build small natural birthing centers in remote villages, ensuring the sustainability not to be in an assistantship mission.
  • Ensure freedom of action:  our mission remains open !


A 1901 law association is created .

We have a professional experience that allows us to ensure the organization, management and work without difficulty.


Les Petites Maternités obviously need money !

  • The donations are used 100 % for the realization of the mission.
  • The association Les Petites Maternités may refuse donations in case of personal expectations.
  • The birth of this project is built on our personal funds.
  • No direct costs, travel, food, accommodation, etc ... will be supported by the association.
  • All those involved in this adventure also do so on a voluntary basis.
  • Donations are distributed and controlled by the leaders of the association .
  • For the construction of houses of birth we are direct contractors even if we use an intermediary for materials.
  • The accounts are transparent.

Words remain words.

We need to meet to talk about the project, our experiences,

ones that give us the strength to create new things,

those which give credit, those that give confidence,

those that make you want to participate !!


See you soon ! We all have something to offer !